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Tuesday, Aug 1, 2017 2:00 PM
Peter Stephan Jungk’s fascinating documentary retraces the path of his great-aunt Edith Tudor-Hart, née Suschitzky, from her Viennese youth through her years as a Soviet spy in Great Britain. Her life was marked by tumultuous love affairs, a short-lived marriage, a son who became mentally ill at an early age, a Bauhaus education, unheralded work as a photographer and her recruitment of MI5 agent Kim Philby to spy for the Soviets.
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Film Info
Director(s):Peter Stephan Jungk
Editor(s):Bettina Mazakarini
Cinematographer:Jerzy Palacz
Producer:Lillian Birnbaum
Year of Production:2017
Running Time:91 min.
Premiere Status:West Coast Premiere