Queen Has No Crown, The
Wednesday, Jul 27, 2011 9:00 PM
Castro Theatre

Directed by Tomer Heymann

Israel, 2011

85 min.

Hebrew and English with English Subtitles


Documentary filmmaker Tomer Heymann’s personal and poignant works (such as Paper Dolls, It Kinda Scares Me and Black Over White) have earned him an international following as well as a six-film Close-up in SFJFF 2008. His new film is his most honest and personal yet, as he turns his ever-present camera on his own family: five brothers raised on a collective farm in Israel, who each, for his own reasons, has wrestled with leaving the country (and their indomitable mother) behind. Deploying his family’s 8- and 16mm home movies and his own persistent (or what some of his relatives call obsessive) video camera, Heymann documents a fascinating Israeli family saga. Heymann’s themes are both extremely private (his coming out as a gay man, his up-and-down romantic life, his mother’s increasing sense of abandonment) and subtly reflective of a changing Israeli society, where the choice of exile is at painful odds with a powerful sense of nationhood. Exploring the politics of belonging, displacement and sexuality, this refreshing documentary examines the hard decisions one family has to make as well as the intractable bonds that unite them in the face of difficult personal and societal circumstances. —Donny Inbar

DIRECTOR Tomer Heymann in person in San Francisco and Berkeley.

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