Within the Eye of the Storm
  • Behind Me Olive Trees
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Film Info
Director(s):Shelley Hermon
Year of Production:2012
Running Time:68
Language(s):Arabic and Hebrew with English subtitles
Categories:Lights Camera Take Action
Special Events:Stories of Change
Genre-Subject:Social Justice and Human Rights
Israelis and Arabs

Bassam, a Palestinian, served seven years in an Israeli prison. Rami, an Israeli and son of a Holocaust survivor, fought in three wars. But the former steadfast fighters share a tragic common bond: Both of their daughters were killed in acts of senseless violence at the hands of their enemies. Within the Eye of the Storm follows the daily lives and personal struggles of these two unlikely activists, who in the wake of unspeakable loss seek to break the cycle of retribution by engaging in meaningful dialogue. With quiet grace, director Shelley Hermon documents Bassam and Rami’s deep friendship, their complicated relationships to their homelands and their thought-provoking conversations. A powerful example of forgiveness and empathy in the face of decades of division and conflict, this moving documentary allows its subjects to share their distinct yet parallel stories, revealing the profound truth they have learned: that it is possible to forge a path to peace by opening hearts and minds, one conversation at a time. —Alissa Chadburn


Behind Me Olive Trees
Lebanon, 2012, 20 min. Arabic, French, Hebrew, w/ Eng. subtitles
Director: Pascale Abou Jamra
Just a child when her family was forced to flee to Israel, 20-year-old Mariam (mesmerizingly portrayed by writer/director Pascale Abou Jamra) returns to her native land and struggles to make sense of her contested identity in this haunting and meditative film, beautifully shot on location in southern Lebanon. –Alissa Chadburn


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Behind Me Olive Trees (20min) More