A Screening of WRESTLING JERUSALEM followed by an onstage conversation with creator Aaron Davidman and KQED's Michael Krasny
Drafthouse San FranciscoFri, Feb 3 10:30 AM Not Available
Film Info
Director(s):Dylan Kussman
Principal Cast:Aaron Davidman
Screenwriter(s):Aaron Davidman
Country:United States
Year of Production:2016
Running Time:150 minutes
Religion & Spirituality
Israelis and Arabs
Tickets are now on sale for the Jewish Film Institute's presentation of Wrestling Jerusalem on Friday, February 3 at the Alamo Drafthouse New Mission Theater in San Francisco, followed by an onstage, live-streamed conversation with the film's creator Aaron Davidman and KQED Forum's host Michael Krasny. This event kicks off JFI's 'Talk Amongst Yourselves', film and conversation series with Independent Television Service (ITVS) to deepen understanding of Jewish culture and identity through film, media and dialogue.

The live-streamed conversation – the first of four in the series – begins at 12:30PM and follows a 10:30AM screening of Wrestling Jerusalem at the Alamo Drafthouse where Davidman and Krasny will be taking questions from online and in-theater audiences. This will be the kick-off event for the film’s national theatrical tour.

About Wrestling Jerusalem:

“It’s complicated.” From that honest, ironic, understated opening line of Wrestling Jerusalem through its hopeful conclusion, Aaron Davidman takes us on a whirlwind journey that captures the competing narratives swirling around the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Bay Area local Davidman embodies 17 characters whose stories reflect multiple perspectives. It’s easy to forget that you are watching one man as he moves deftly from male to female, Palestinian to Israeli, American to European. The touchstone in these shifting voices is the character Aaron, an American Jew whose desire to understand and empathize makes him an excellent tour guide. Originally a play written and performed by Davidman, Wrestling Jerusalem garnered excellent reviews and sold-out performances. Deftly directed by Dylan Kussman, the film is masterfully shot, as scenes switch seamlessly from a backstage dressing room, a live performance filmed in San Francisco and the stark evocative expanse of the desert. A simple backdrop and handful of props are all Davidman needs to conjure cafes, buses and settlements as well as the stories they contain. Regardless of your views, you will find them in this work. But, as you let the film unfold, you will recognize the humanity in each character and leave the theater much richer for the experience. Complicated? Definitely. Captivating and unforgettable? Without a doubt.

—Stephanie Rapp

About 'Talk Amongst Yourselves':

The Jewish Film Institute has partnered with Independent Television Service (ITVS) to launch this online conversation series to deepen understanding of Jewish culture and identity through film media, and dialogue. Over the course of four events hosted on OVEE – a social TV platform – JFI will invite filmmakers, guest speakers, thought leaders and artists to engage in a far-ranging, national conversation about Jewish identity and culture and the power of film and media to shape the narrative.

Want to be a part of the conversation but can't make it to the theater? Tune in to the post-film conversation on OVEE from any computer, tablet or phone. It’s free to set up and takes less than a minute’s time. And not to worry if you haven’t seen the film – we’ll be showing clips throughout the conversation and our guests will be taking questions from both online and in-theater audiences. RSVP here.

Support for JFI's 'Talk Amongst Yourselves' is provided by the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund of San Francisco, The Peninsula, Marin and Sonomoa Counties

Screening presented in partnership with Intersection for the Arts

Director Dylan Kussman, writer/actor Aaron Davidman and KQED Forum host Michael Krasny in person

About the Talent

Aaron Davidman is a writer, actor, director and producer. He is drawn to stories of ethnic history and cultural complexity that challenge our assumptions of the “other”. Aaron served as Artistic Director of Traveling Jewish Theatre from 2002-2011. His play WRESTLING JERUSALEM, a solo performance about the Israel/Palestine story, is touring internationally and has been made into a feature film. Aaron received his theatrical training at Carnegie Mellon University, earned a BA from the University of Michigan and an MFA in creative writing/playwriting from San Francisco State University. He was a recipient of the TIKKUN Award in 2016.

Michael Krasny, Ph.D., is host of KQED's award-winning Forum, a news and public affairs program that concentrates on the arts, culture, health, business, and technology. Forum is one of KQED's most-popular shows and one of the nation's most-listened-to locally produced public radio talk show. Before coming to KQED Public Radio in 1993, Dr. Krasny hosted a night-time talk program for KGO Radio and co-anchored the weekly KGO television show Nightfocus. He hosted Bay TV's Take Issue, a nightly news analysis show, programs for KQED Public Television, KRON television, and NPR, and did news commentary for KTVU television. He has also served as host of NPR's Talk of the Nation.