Off White Lies
  • B-Boy
JCCSFSat, Jul 28, 2012 8:45 PM Not Available
Cinearts at Palo Alto SquareSun, Jul 29, 2012 8:55 PM Not Available
Piedmont TheatreMon, Aug 6, 2012 6:35 PM Not Available
Smith Rafael Film CenterMon, Aug 6, 2012 8:45 PM Not Available

Californa Premiere

Directed by Maya Kenig

Edited by Or Ben David. Cinematography by Itai Vinograd.

With Elya Inbar, Gur Bentwich and Tzahi Grad.

Israel. 2011. In Hebrew with English subtitles. 86mins.

Though set during the Second Lebanon War of 2006, this coming-of-age story evokes the offbeat charms of Juno and Sixteen Candles. The first feature film from Israeli director Maya Kenig, the movie tells the story of Libby, a shy, intelligent 13-year-old who has spent the bulk of her childhood in California,only to be sent by her mother to live with her estranged father in Israel. Itdoesn’t take long for the serious-minded Libby to discover her father is awell-intentioned sham, a pie-in-the-sky inventor of non-working objects, toopoor to afford his own apartment or car. When war breaks out, to find shelterhe suggests they pose as refugees. The scheme works at first; they are takenin by a Jerusalem family—and discover a shared talent for telling “off-whitelies.” But as their hoax falls apart, they learn they’re not the only ones withsomething to hide. Kenig manages to find humor in some impressivelyawkward situations; with her laconic storytelling, she allows her gifted actorsto build an endearing and believable bond.

Preceded by B-Boy

Directed and written by Lisa Cohen

USA, 2011. In English. 15mins.

Thirteen-year-old Eli, aka E-Break, navigates two diverse cultures: preparing for his bar-mitzvah and competitive break dancing.

Included Shorts
B-Boy (15min) More