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Directed by Joseph Madmony

Written by Erez Kav-El. Edited by Ayala Bengad. Cinematography by Boaz Yaacov.

With Henry David, Sarah Adler and Sasson Gabai.

Israel, 2011. In Hebrew with English subtitles. 105mins.

Sponsored by Raymond Lifchez.

After his longtime business partner dies, Yakov Fidelman discovers that his antique furniture restoration shop is in grave financial difficulty. He is forced to deal with his estranged son Noah, a lawyer who, seeing no hope for the failing store, proposes building apartments above it. One day Fidelman’s new apprentice Anton finds a neglected piano in the workshop: an 1882 Steinway that, given a new baseboard, would be worth enough to save the store. The elegant story lines of Yossi Madmony’s first feature yield a complex set offrayed character relations for which restoration proves an apt metaphor.Refinishing the piano’s exterior would be fruitless without replacing the cracked cast-iron board holding the strings in tension. Marked by restrained writing, which leaves significant details open to interpretation, Restoration depicts the rich texture of modern Israeli society. Anchored by Sasson Gabay’s mesmerizing performance, Fidelman is a stoic man who uses his shop to shut out the world, clinging to the illusion that he can maintain a vanishing way of life. Winner, Best Screenplay, Sundance Film Festival. Winner, Best Film, Karlovy Vary Film Festival. Nominated for 11 Israeli Film Academy Awards.