Life In Stills
Castro TheatreTue, Jul 24, 2012 4:10 PM Not Available
Cinearts at Palo Alto SquareSun, Jul 29, 2012 12:15 PM Not Available
Roda TheatreMon, Jul 30, 2012 2:10 PM Not Available

United States Premiere

Directed and written by Tamar Tal

Edited by Tal Shefi. Cinematography by Daniel Kedem and Tamar Tal.

Israel, 2011. German and Hebrew in English. 58mins.

Co-Sponsored by Richard Nagler and Sheila Sosnow

Tamar Tal’s poignant, prize-winning documentary tells the story of 96-yearold Miriam, the remarkable widow of Czech-born, Israeli photographer Rudi Weissenstein, as she and her grandson Ben defend their family’s Tel Aviv photo studio from demolition. An official photographer of the Israeli Declaration of Independence, Weissenstein documented the country’s political and daily life until his passing in 1992. He opened the Pri-Or studio in 1940. Though stuffed with his prints and over a million negatives of his work, the city wants to tear it down to make way for a high-rise development. Grandmother and grandson cope not only with relocation but also the acutely painful circumstances surrounding the death of his parents. As they interact in ways by turns blunt and comic, the movie becomes a love story spanning three generations. It also offers a visual ode to Weissenstein, with moving montages of his stunning black & white photographs—including vivid portraits of a young and acrobatic Miriam.

Preceded by Music Man Murray

Directed by Richard Parks

USA, 2011. In English. 22mins.

Approaching 90, Murray Gershenz is ready for a career change. Since 1962 the former cantor has run a Los Angeles record shop, accumulating a staggering 300,000 albums. Now having found some success as a character actor (The Hangover, House), Murray seeks a buyer for his store in this whimsical documentary.Director Richard Parks in person.

Included Shorts
Music Man Murray (22min) More